$80 First Time Client for a 1 hour session (Phone Reading Only)
Must Schedule Appointment
$100 Per Hour

Phone Readings
Be in a quiet place where you can focus to obtain the best reading

  • Psychic Clarvoyant

  • European

  • Direct Readings about person in question -If you'd like to know the current thoughts, feelings or intentions of a loved one, employer, family member or spouse)

  • Holistic Healer - There is no one else known that possesses all these abilities including healing using crystals and a mineral called moldevite to balance, realign and regenerate you. I thought anyone could do these things with meditation and healing until doctors and healers told me that they've never experienced anyone so gifted.
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Soulmate Consultant

Psychic Readings, Astrological Charts, Specialty Crystals

New Jersey and New York

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